HN-EBC specializes in optimizing business performance through Business Process Design and more efficient use of new or existing IT systems.


Opportunities for improvement are quantified through structured data analysis against best practices and benchmarks. The result is a project portfolio for prioritized investments, based on quick hits or long term return on investment.


For projects on SCM optimization HN-EBC uses the SCOR® Supply Chain Operations Reference Model. This model includes best practices, KPI’s and methods.

70% of the Fortune 1000 companies rely on SCOR® as the preferred standard for defining SCM processes and cross-industry best practices— realizing 1-3% increase in profit, in percent of total sales through SCM processes.


Two areas integrate heavily with SCM — Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

These business areas are also covered by Reference Models—DCOR® and CCOR® using the same systematic process structures as SCOR®.

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SCOR® is a registered trademark of the Supply Chain Council. 
For more information check out www.supply-chain.org